Television Wall Mounting

A 50 Inch TV with small speakers we mounted in a Noosa Villa

Installing a flat screen television on the wall is a great idea. Popular reasons for wall mounting  your LED TV:

  • Is to provide more space,  the room feels less cluttered, frees up a large area on top of your cabinet for you to dress your cabinet with ornaments, plants and family photos. Or you can remove your cabinet completely for that clean clear look, and have your components in any cupboard or shelf with the use of hidden infrared control devices.
  • looks great and looks like a picture frame.
  • If you have children or visits from the grand children, hanging your television on the wall is much safer and eliminates the chances of children pulling the television over on top of themselves
  • Mounting a television on a pivot arm also creates flexibility by pivoting the screen from one viewing area to another, much easier and safer than moving a cabinet.
  • Having a screen mounted on the wall can also improve your optimum viewing angle creating less strain on your neck and eyes.

Technical Whizz carry a large range of television mounts from slimline mounts, double articulated arms, ceiling mount, pivot mounts to rotating mounts.  Televisions can be mounted on internal walls, plastered walls, Gib rock walls, brick and masonry walls and ceilings. We have mounted televisions in caravan & motor homes, porta-com buildings, and portable mining camps. The list really is endless.

It is common to mount screens of any size from 14 inches to the largest screens on the market 100 inches and above.

Should you have concerns of cables hanging down to other components, we can neatly conceal these too, within wall cavities or using special ducting, or using wireless connections. Power points,  Antenna and Data points can be moved or added as required. Speakers can be mounted or built into or onto the wall or ceilings as desired.

Small brackets start from $45.00 and can be all done within an hour. Larger brackets take a bit longer.

Installing a Television on the wall is not something we recommend DIY-ing.

8 Things you need to consider when wall mounting a Television:

  • live wires in the cavity
  • plumbing within the wall
  • is it a stud or concrete wall
  • where are the studs located
  • is the Antenna and power outlet in the right place
  • what would be the optimum viewing height.
  • is the wall structurally sound.
  • will it become a hazard to people