If you are in an area that cannot receive clear regional TV pictures from a TV antenna.  We can provide you with the complete range of Digital channels via Satellite including local news and High Definition channels.

VAST Satellite Installation

VAST Satellite Installation

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Our Viewer Access Satellite Television “VAST” system provides digital television to viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through a normal antenna because of local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in your area. This system is also ideal for travellers intending to travel around Australia in caravans and Motor homes.
A standard system requires a small satellite dish, digital cabling and a licenced VAST Satellite receiver connected to each television. There are three brands of receivers in the domestic market. Altech UEC, Satking and Humax. All brands have a recording option, Digital radio Stations, and on screen TV guides.

VAST TV Satellite Dish alignment

VAST TV Satellite Dish alignment

Once installed there are no ongoing licensing fees, We do all the paperwork for getting your licence approved and your VAST system activated. Travellers are required to update your licence every 6 months via the internet or phone (no charges apply).
The VAST system is a great way of receiving television when a terrestrial TV antennas are not practical contact Technical Whizz to get your system now or to discuss options. Home Installation’s start from $390.00 A full standard installation to one television is $790.00
Download a brochure or watch a brief overview on each of the models.

Satking DVBS2-980CA

Satking Vast Receiver
Is Australia’s first VAST & Freeview Plus certified satellite TV receiver, making this unit the most advanced VAST receiver on the the market. Fully designed in Australia this top of the range receiver brings a new level of features to the VAST platform.

The receiver has Freeview Plus catch up TV and the enhanced Freeview Plus EPG built in. No longer will you miss your favourite programs, you can simply go back in the Freeview Plus program guide and catch up available programs.

Connect an external hard disk drive (up to 3TB) and take advantage of the twin tuners, you can record two different channels and watch a third program from within a network all at the one time. You can also use the receivers advanced media playback functions to playback movies in AVI, DIVX, MOV, FLV, MKV, MP4 files and pictures via the 2 USB ports.

The receiver has all the market leading features you expect from SatKing like compact size, built in signal finder, 12/240V operation, recording series link, learning remote control and low power consumption.

Australian VAST Certified
Freeview Plus Catch up TV Certified
High Definition MPEG4 Compliant
Twin Tuner, Record and 2 Channels and Watch a 3rd from Within a Network
USB PVR Ready 3TB Maximum External Hard Disk Drive
Pause & Rewind Live TV
Compact Size 230x163x43mm
Low Power Consumption with Energy Saving Function
8 Day EPG with Series Link
Enhanced Freeview EPG
Catch up Services ABC i-View, SBS On Demand, Plus7, 9Now, Ten Play
Signal Finder with Beeper
Optional WIFI Dongle & Infrared Target
Subtitles Supported (Closed Captions)
1080P Upscaling
Learning Remote
Over The Air Software Download Supported
Easy to Use with Auto tuning and One Touch Recording

Altech UEC DSD5000

The UEC DSD 4921 RV is a “Next Generation” VAST™ Certified, Twin Tuner, High Definition, Digital Satellite Set Top Box. This product is packed with new technology, features and accessories, making it ideal for both the traveler and standard in home installation.

The twin tuner configuration, plus suitable recording device, (not included) allows support for PVR functionality. UEC’s market leading hardware and software ensure the receiver is ‘future proof’ through using latest technology and over the air software upgrade. The hardware is designed to withstand the harsh Australian environment that recreational vehicles are likely to experience including high temperatures, DC over voltage, reverse polarity and short circuit protection.

All of these class leading features are housed in the smallest VAST™ receiver on the market, making it the perfect solution for Caravan and RV enthusiasts wanting to watch and record their favorite programs whilst traveling.

Each DSD 5000 product is supplied with: 240V AC power supply, HDMI cable, and a high quality remote control. The DSD 5000 is Hybrid Broadband TV (HbbTV) ready with all key software features to support Freeview Plus once available on the VAST™ platform.

Altech UEC DSD492RV Vast Receiver



Satking DVBS2-800CA

Satking VAST Decoder

You may need a decoder rehit If you have not had services on your VAST Decoder for a period of time setup your dish correctly so you can get channel 800 then click on the link Decoder ReHit .

If you are a traveler and you need to re register your VAST decoder as it has not been used for 6 months click here after you can get channel 800