TV Tuning

Technical Whizz can tune in your television with ease. With a new Television or having just moved house and your television channels are not tuned to the area let us tune it in for you and demonstrate what is available in your area. With so many digital channels now available on Freeview television we will also provide you with a helpful laminated TV channel guide. We can set up a smart television to your Wi-Fi network so you can enjoy the benefits of having the internet connected to your television.Technical Whizz will make TV Tuning look easy as we have had many years experience. Having a WiFi connection to your television depending on your model can allow you to watch missed episodes of your favourite shows, you can talk to family and friends using Skype or other messaging services, you can use your television to keep up to date on your social networking sites such as Facebook. You can view the internet from your arm chair on your big screen. The possibilities are becoming endless. Televisions can now be set up with motion control or voice activation that allows you to simply adjust the volume or channels by your motions or voice. Your smart phone can connect to some televisions to become your additional remote control. We can even help you set up streaming services such as, Netflix, Quickflix, Presto and Stan.

Setting up Netflix

TV Tuning

TV Tuning

When Technical Whizz tunes in your television we will:

  • Demonstrate how to use your television
  • Tune in all channels available in your area
  • Set up your Blu-ray player, recorder, game consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox & Wii
  • Set up and tune in your Foxtel or other satellite television services
  • Set up your home theater system
  • Can analyse your television reception
  • We can confirm all your equipment and cabling is digital compliant
  • Show you where each channel is set
  • Tune all televisions in your home to be the same
  • Allow you time to take notes and demonstrate extra functions on your equipment.

Most importantly We make your television viewing a pleasure

Below are some short video tutorials on how to carry out an auto tune on popular models. Should you have any difficulties contact a Technical Whizz and we can have a Technician guide you through the steps or carry it out for you.

How to tune a Samsung TV intro

How to Tune a Samsung TV Video 1

How to Tune a Samsung TV Video 2

How to Tune a Samsung TV Video 3

How to Tune a Sony Television

How to Tune a Panasonic Television