TV Points

Technical Whizz can easily place a new TV outlet on the other side of the lounge for you, or add additional outlets to your outdoor area, children’s room, or teenage retreat. In most cases it is more economical to run a new outlet from your existing antenna system than install a new antenna. We install A standard TV outlet from $190 further outlets done at the same time will be done for less.

TV Wall mounted Large Swivel mount by Technical Whizz

TV Wall mounted Large Swivel mount by Technical Whizz

When installing a new  television outlet, things to consider are;

  • Will the TV always be mounted on a stand or on the wall
  • In the corner or centre of room
  • Will there be excessive glare or reflections
  • Will you need to install a power point or internet connection as well
  • Is the existing TV signal strength ok or will the signals need more amplification
  • How many outlets do you have already & are they all being used
  • Is there water or gas plumbing  in the same wall cavity,
  • Consider mounting speakers on the wall or ceiling
  • What about your Audio and Video equipment, in a cabinet on a floating shelf or hidden elsewhere

    Customised wall outlets

    TV outlet with HDMI and data outlet

As you can appreciate, it is much easier & economical to install new cabling in a home while it is at the framing stages of when it is being built, pre planning with a technician, or adding additional cabling at this stage is often a good idea.  Consider speaker cabling and cabling for your devices such as games and DVD/Blu-ray players.
We have installed new TV outlets in existing homes and apartments , on solid concrete walls, upstairs, downstairs, brick homes pole homes internal walls, external walls and even ceilings and motor homes. Contact a Technical Whizz before Summer hits now to install your new TV outlet