Digital TV Antenna

40ft Mast with a VHF and UHF TV antenna

40ft Mast with a UHF and VHF antenna

Example of a poor connection we found

Example of a poor connection we found

Technical Whizz installs a range of only quality antennas that are specific for a purpose and for each transmitter in our area.
A number of factors need to be taken into consideration when installing a Digital TV antenna.

  • Selecting the correct transmitter and determining its direction and its vertical or horizontal polarity

Our technicians have a good knowledge of all the 9 transmitters in our area from Mt Cootha to Tozers Hill and which polarity they broadcast on. Other transmitters in our area also include Bald Knob, Dullong, Sunrise road, Black Mountain. The Point Arkwright transmitter and the Peregian transmitter are the newest digital television transmitters in our area. 

  • Selecting an antenna suitable for the required frequencies to receive the correct channels

Each transmitter broadcasts channels on certain frequencies, having an antenna that receives the correct frequencies minimizes the requirement for excess amplification, and can minimize interference from other sources. There are a range of digital TV antennas from UHF, VHF, VHF UHF combination antennas.  Many of our antennas are specially designed to filter out 4GX interference from the new mobile tower frequencies preventing digital TV pixilation.  There are 2 different styles, a phased array antenna and the Yagi antenna.

  • Strength of interfering transmitters; other transmitters broadcasting on the same frequency can cancel each other out

Our signal analysers can determine if interference from another transmitter is an issue and position the TV antenna as to minimise this problem

  • Aluminium and metal or stainless steel antenna selection?

Having a waterfront property creates severe antenna corrosion we install stainless steel antennas in these locations to increase the life span of the antenna.

  • Determining where the best position is to gain the best signal strength.

Our technicians analyse each digital channels signal strength at various positions and heights to determine the right location, and minamisizing obstacles in the line of sight. Moving a antenna just 30 cm can have a large impact on the signal strength of even just one channel.

  • Positioning the antenna on a mast to a suitable height. 

We take great care as to installing an antenna that will have the least visual impact as possible but maintaining adequate reception and not to detract from the visual appearance of your property. Mounting the masting system securely using the correct mount, mast, stays and guy wires depending on height.

  • Sealing your roof

As most antennas are placed on your roof it is most important to seal your roof from the elements. We use UV stabilised and waterproof seals and sealants.

  • Amplification

Depending on the signal strength at your property, the length of cabling and the number of television outlets you have determines the type and size of amplifier required.

Tall Antenna installation

Antenna Installation from a cherry picker

We do not recommend that you attempt to install or repair your antenna system for a number of reasons:
Antennas from the local hardware or electronics shop are mostly of poor quality and many are not designed for our area. Your antenna is often on your roof. Your safety is of great concern to us and your family How high is your roof how steep is your roof and what cables are connected to your home such as Solar and high voltage electricity.

Contact a Technical Whizz now to install or repair your Digital Antenna system.
We can make your television viewing a pleasure