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Phone or Tablet Aircon control

Control your home or Office with your phone

All in one Remote controls, Simple Remotes

Yes we are all too familiar with the unsightly usual clutter of remote controls on the coffee table in the lounge. The confusion of what button to press and when.  Or when that one person in the family who knows what the procedure is required to turn everything on is away. Well help is at hand.

We have a range of all in one

Simple Remote control

All in one remote control

remotes. Including making your smart phone or tablet into a smart remote control
This means one remote control can turn your TV on, control your DVD, Pay TV & audio system. In fact up to 16 devices.
With the press of just one button your remote control can turn on all the required devices, then select the correct channel or input each device needs to be on.  E.g.. Should you want to watch a DVD.   You tap the button labelled “Watch a DVD” it then magically turns your TV on, changes it to the correct channel/input, turns your DVD, and your surround sound system

All in one remote control

Smart remote control via a tablet or phone

on. All with the press of one button. The one remote control then controls the sound and the DVD functions all in one.  Very Easy and simple we have clients in their 70’s using it with ease. When finished just one press of one button turns all of the devices off.  Now if we could just get it to make popcorn.

“We had 7 remote controls my wife said to me. Its me or the remotes, now she can use all of our equipment without being afraid our 7 year old daughter even uses it without complication”

We also have Simple remote controls that only function channels, volume, & On/Off ideal for the elderly who have trouble with all the excessive buttons or are sight impaired.

Yes we come out install and demonstrate how to work them in the comfort of your lounge or Home theatre room.

Original Remote controls

We can replace Broken or lost Remotes, with the original manufacturers as well.

Remotes to suit anybody’s wants.