Projector Installations

For any cinema experience or presentation requirements onto a large screen Technical Whizz supply and install projector systems for all occasions.

Questions to consider when purchasing a projector

  • Cost Home Theatre projectors can be broadly placed into 3 categories; under $1000 will get you a good non full High Definition projector or a low featured Full HD Projector. Between $1000-$4000 Will get a very good Full HD projector with a good number of features $4000-$20000 and beyond will get you a projector for the more devoted Image watcher who requires top notch image control. When deciding on a projector also take into consideration the cost of a new Lamp as these need replacing every few thousand hours.
  • Resolution Ultra High Definition 4096×2160, 3840×2160 or 4K is the newest and greatest standard although content is still scarce and expensive. Full High Definition 1920×1080, 1080i and 1080p is the common bench mark for good Full HD image sources such as from a Blu Ray. 1280×720 is ideal for displaying images from a computer, XGA and WXGA are the common computer resolutions however when playing video content there will be small black bars at the top and bottom of the image. 1280×720 Is Ideal for watching DVD quality images and is on the lower end of the resolution spectrum.
  • Brightness The projected light from a projector is Measured in ANSI Lumen. The further the projector is from the screen, or if the room has a lot of ambient light the brighter the projector will need to be. The type of screen will also play a large part in the perceived brightness of the image
  • Contrast Is the number of shades the projector has between a perfect white the deepest black
  • Aspect Ratio is the screen shape of the video image the 3 main Aspects are 2.40:1 Theatre, 16:9 Home Theatre and 4:3.
  • The difference between a Home Theatre and a Data projector can be seen below.
  • Home Theatre projectors are not as bright to create a cinema experience
  • Home Theatre projectors have a much higher contrast ratio meaning it has a large number of gradients between white and black.
  • Home Theatre projectors are much larger to baffle the sound of the internal workings
  • Home Theatre projectors have quieter fans.
  • Home Theatre projectors have a higher video processing speed for smoother movements
  • Home Theatre projectors have higher video resolutions HDMI and DVI inputs
  • Data projectors will often have at least one on board speaker


Technical Whizz have Technicians that provide maintenance on your projector including lamp replacements and filter cleaning. Technical Whizz install manual and motorized drop down projector screens.