Phone Data points WiFi and Mobile Phone Boosters

Mobile Phone Reception Signal Boosters

Deliver up to five bars of 3G or 4G/LTE from one bar of signal

3G or 4G Booster

If you need to go outside to receive or make mobile phone calls because the signal drops out  then we have a range of products to get the best from your mobile phone provider. External antennas to cell phone boosters licensed to your network of choice.  A must for anyone trying to run a business or are on call from their home. Technicians analyse your signals and fit antennas in the optimum place to receive the best signal
Cel fi smart repeater boosters
3G Antennas for mobile phone voice connections and medium data speeds
4G Antennas for High Speed data connections
4GX Antennas for High Speed data connections on the new low frequency band

Fitting an external antenna for optimum Wireless Internet speeds

External Mobile Data antenna

Phone & Data points

We install phone, data and internet outlets into your home or office. We install data points using Cat 6 cable or Cat 5 cable depending on your preference.  When you move into a new home you often find that the phone point is not in the correct room or you require an internet connection to your television  direct to your modem located in your study.  Although most components are now WiFi compatible a wired connection is more secure, less likely to drop out and in most cases faster and easier to set up.  We have licensed cable installers to install any phone or data cabling at a residential property.
Always use a licensed cabler so as to ensure your cabling is connected up as per the Australian standards. We can often fit your new outlet onto an existing wallplate.

WiFi for indoors or outdoors

Some of our point to point and WiFi link range

Some of our point to point and WiFi link range

  1. We will carry out a site survey to investigate the current WiFi Signals
  2. Propose a design solution for your required coverage and capacity
  3. Implement an approved secure solution
  4. Carry out a final wireless site survey to confirm 100%  Wireless coverage

Should you find you have a weak WiFi signal throughout your property be it a standard residential home, a 300 room high rise or a property that covers large distances we can install a range of devices to boost the signal throughout your property or just to selected areas, concrete walls, trees, across the street are no barriers with the right product and installation. Point to point WiFi links make connecting 2 nearby buildings an economical solution to trenching with no internet speed losses up to distances of 10km.
Our products comply with Australian Frequency and Power (EIRP) standards. As per the ACMA.

  • Coffee Shop free WiFi system
  • WiFi For Holiday Apartments
  • Commercial WiFi for Offices
  • Hotel WiFi system
  • Motel WiFi Connections
  • WiFi for Pubs and clubs
  • WIFi for home networks
  • SMB WiFi


Phone Data points WiFi and Mobile Phone Boosters for Any Situation