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New 7 Food Network Channel

1 December 2018

Network Seven is about to introduce its new Food channel after partnering with the discovery channel if you like Cooking shows this one will be a favourite it will be showing many of the shows associated with the SBS Food network after their agreement ended on the 1st of November.

Your Money

1 October 2018
Available now on free to air TV on Channel 95 or on Foxtel 601 Nine Network has joined up with Sky news producing a channel full of content about business news, personal finance, real estate coverage, luxury and lifestyle programming and where to invest your wealth.

· Business Breakfast – Weekdays live at 6:00am
· Trading Day: The Countdown – Weekdays live at 9:00am
· Trading Day: The Open – Weekdays live at 10:00am
· Trading Day Live – Weekdays live from 11:00am
· Trading Day: The Final Count – Weekdays live at 4:00pm
· Ticky– Weeknights live at 5:00pm
· Your Money Live – Weeknights live at 6:00pm
· Money Talks with Peter Switzer – Mondays live at 8:30pm
· Swipe with James Daggar-Nickson – Tuesdays live at 8:30pm
· CarAdvice – Wednesdays live at 8:30pm
· Entrepreneurs – Thursdays live at 8:30pm
· Business Class – Fridays live at 8:30pm
· Real Estate – Saturdays live from 8.30am
· FOX Business Live – Monday – Saturday from 11:30pm

Sky News on Win

1 September 2018
On Channel 83 as part of the Win network you can now watch Sky news on free to air television


Changes to TV Win Nine & Ten on Sunshine Coast

1 July 2016

Changes to TV channels

Changes to TV channels

5  – Nine
50 – 9HD
52 – 9Gem
53 – 9Go
54 – 9Life
56 – Aspire
8 – Win (Ten)
80 – WinHD (TenHD)
81 – ONE
82 – Eleven
84 – TVSN
85 – Gold

The Win network is now rebroadcasting channel 10 programming and Southern cross Austereo will now broadcast channel nines programming. Confusing yes. Win and Nine ended their contract together on bad terms, leading Win to sign a deal with Ten.

9HD & 9LIFE New Channel

25 November 2015
The Nine network has made some changes to their channel line up and requires a retune on some TVs to reflect this. The upgraded channel will  be in Mpeg4 format giving the ability for great looking pictures however some older TV’s will not be able to display this.

90 – 9HD
91 – Channel 9
92 – 9Gem
93 – 9Go!
94 – 9Life
95 – Extra

SBS No Signal

17 November 2015
SBS begins their new Food network channel today at 1pm , this is will require some SBS watchers to tune their TV and recorders.  If you have troubles with this contact Technical Whizz and we will come out and do it for you.
Here is a link to the new Food Channel TV guide

Problems with SBS August 2015
Due to upgrades of SBS’s digital broadcast some TV’s and set top boxes will need to be retuned should you require assistance contact Technical Whizz who can manually retune your TV or go to our tuning page for videos on how to tune popular brands.
Noosa/Tewantin and parts of Gympie August 10
Sunshine coast North and south and other parts of Gympie  August 13
Brisbane Caboolture Glasshouse Mtns August 14

Pixelation on Brisbane Channels on Sunshine Coast
This is currently a widespread problem from the transmitter that occurs more predominantly on wet windy days. Electrical power lines near the transmitter are arching creating interference affecting all TVs who receive Brisbane stations from the Sunshine Coast Transmitter

TV interference since January 1 2015?
If you have been experiencing intermittent pixilation and Digital TV break up since January 1st, it is highly likely that your television and or antenna system is getting affected by the new 4GX mobile broadband service that has been turned on. These transmitters are located in the following areas: Alexandra Headland, Caloundra, Twin Waters, Minyama, Mountain Creek, Buddina, Marcoola ,Pacific Paradise, Point Arkwright, Valdora, Parrearra, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba, West Woombye, Sunrise Beach.
All TV antennas in this area that pick up local TV are designed to receive frequencies between 529 – 816MHz, they are now also picking up the new 700MHz 4GX signals. In some areas these signals are much stronger than TV signals in the area overloading your TV antenna systems and televisions creating picture break up and possible damage to components. If you are experiencing these issues then contact us for options on how it can be rectified. Installations where we have installed an amplifier within the past 24 months we have already fitted a 4GX filter for you, it just needs to be turned on.

TV Retune
On July the 17th 2014 changes were made to our local TV transmitter.  For residents that receive both local and Brisbane channels using a UHF antenna you would have noticed you are no longer receiving the Brisbane stations.  An auto tune was required to regain these stations.
On the 22nd of July 2014 the local channels also required an auto tune to regain these channels. 

On the 9th of July 2014 signals from the transmitters located near Nambour, Tewantin and Black Mountain changed. This affected some residents located in Moffat beach, Shelly beach, Currimundi, Buderim, Coolum, Tewantin and up to Gympie. Residents needed to carry out an auto tune to regain their local TV stations.

Are You Ready for the Retune?
Most Digital televisions on the Sunshine Coast were unable to receive digital television signals from July 9 2014 unless the television was retuned. In the final move to digital television the government changed most of the current frequencies the stations are broadcast on. This was to free up space for other services such as the 4G network. The services will remain the same and will still receive them on the same channel number eg. ABC1 will still be on “2”.

Components of A TV Antenna system compared to a water system

Aerial System

Antenna system compared to a Water system

A brief History of Television in Australia

  • 1956 Free to air black and White analog Television began transmission in Australia
  • 1975 Colour Television commenced in Australia
  • 1/1/2001 Digital Television began transmission in Australia
  • 2013 All analog Free to air television services ceased and Australia become Digital only
  • 2014 All Digital TV’s needed to be retuned
  • 1/1/2015 4GX broadband began transmission (creating interference on many TV systems)

Digital Television
The benefits of digital TV is that it is able to correct any disturbance in the signal to keep the picture perfect, but as the disturbances become greater due to a weak signal or other interference there comes a point where the digital correction cannot cope.  Consequently, unlike analog TV reception quality, which gradually fades when signal strength/quality decreases, a relatively small degree of change is required to shift digital TV reception from being perfect to disappearing completely. This behavior is known as the digital cliff and describes the sudden loss of digital signal reception with a relatively small variation of the signal strength/quality. As the digital signal gets closer to the digital cliff, the TV picture may break up into small blocks (pixellation). As the signal gets worse the picture may freeze, go blank and/or show indicators such as ‘low signal’ or ‘weak signal’.

I have an Antenna and am told it is the best I can get.

Contact Technical Whizz for a second opinion. If you are in an area that cannot receive clear regional TV pictures from a TV antenna, such as some areas in Coolum, Kenilworth and the bottom of Buderim for example. We can provide you perfect digital free to  air TV pictures  simply by using a small satellite dish, and receiving equipment including a licensed smart card. With no ongoing monthly subscription fees.