If you are in an area that cannot receive clear regional TV pictures from a TV antenna.  We can provide you with the complete range of Digital channels via Satellite including local news and High Definition channels.

VAST Satellite Installation

VAST Satellite Installation

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Our Viewer Access Satellite Television “VAST” system provides digital television to viewers who are unable to receive digital TV through a normal antenna because of local interference, terrain or distance from the transmitter in your area. This system is also ideal for travellers intending to travel around Australia in caravans and Motor homes.
A standard system requires a small satellite dish, digital cabling and a licenced VAST Satellite receiver connected to each television. There are three brands of receivers in the domestic market. Altech UEC, Satking and Humax. All brands have a recording option, Digital radio Stations, and on screen TV guides.

VAST TV Satellite Dish alignment

VAST TV Satellite Dish alignment

Once installed there are no ongoing licensing fees, We do all the paperwork for getting your licence approved and your VAST system activated. For travellers, users of an active Aurora system, or you live in the remote central Australia or Eastern Australian licenced area activations occur within 24 hours. Viewers in regional and metropolitan areas served by normal terrestrial TV services but who are unable to receive reliable digital TV activations take 15 working days. Travellers are required to update your licence every 6 months via the internet or phone (no charges apply).
The VAST system is a great way of receiving television when a terrestrial TV antennas are not practical contact Technical Whizz to get your system now or to discuss options. Home Installation’s start from $375.00 A full standard installation to one television is $750.00
Download a brochure or watch a brief overview on each of the models.
Humax HDR-1003S

Satking DVBS2-800CA

Satking VAST Decoder

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Altech UEC DSR4639

Altech UEC DSD4121

You may need a decoder rehit If you have not had services on your VAST Decoder for a period of time setup your dish correctly so you can get channel 800 then click on the link Decoder ReHit .

If you are a traveler and you need to re register your VAST decoder as it has not been used for 6 months click here after you can get channel 800