Portable Satellite Systems

MiniMax Satellite system fitted to Warrior

MiniMax Portable Satellite system fitted to Warrior Motorhome by Technical Whizz

Throughout Australia there are many black spots for terrestrial TV, having a quality portable satellite system ensures you get crystal clear television everywhere in Australia.

You can select from a range of portable satellite systems and accessories ideal for travelers. Portable satellite systems can work on VAST and Pay TV services and with any free to air channels available on the Ku Band.

Minimax Foldable Dish

A 75 cm  dish on its own fold up frame that fits neatly into its own bag for your ease of use.  Easy to read elevation markings, now even better than the original 2008 design. With Stainless steel fittings, a thicker zinc coated Reflector with an anodised aluminium  frame weighs under 6 Kg  this is the most popular system. The Minimax foldable dish is yours for $240.
We do recommend having a digital satellite finder, and getting your own personal demonstration upon purchase.

Optima 75T Compact Dish

This is your most compact 75cm portable satellite dish that works throughout all of Australia. A fibreglass reflector that can be fitted on a draw bar mount or heavy duty tripod Fitted with 10.700GHz LNB and a short coaxial cable, protected nicely in a heavy duty padded bag with double stitched handles, heavy duty zips , with 4 internal pockets to store your extras. Is the most compact folding dish that fits into its own small bag. Made locally. Due to covid this product is unavailable until we source a new fibreglass manufacturer. The Optima 75T

Optima 75T Folding Satellite Dish & Tripod

Optima 75T Folding Satellite Dish & Tripod

Travelsat Premium 75

A 75 cm dish that can either mount on a tripod or be mounted onto the draw bar of a Caravan. Comes with a 10700 LNB, the LNB arm can be easily removed for storage, wingnuts for easy alignments with no additional tools the  Premium 75 is $135

Economy Portable Satellite System

Travelsat 75 Dish

Maxview Crank up roof mounted Dish

An 85 cm dish mounted on the roof is manually adjusted from inside. This is your most economical way of having a roof mounted Satellite dish. No need to find extra storage space or worry about it not being secured during your travels.
The Maxview crank up with VAST can be installed for $2135

Maxview Satellite System

Maxview Satellite System

Maxview Manual Satellite Installation

Maxview Manual Satellite Installation

Vansat Automated Dish

A very reliable automated system that sits only 17cm high in the closed position. The 80cm dish has never had a gearbox failure. The Vansat Bluestar system has anti vibration features for wind control enclosed LNB for protection. Easy one button on/off operation. Installed with VAST for $3890.

Vansat Bluestar Automated Satellite dish

Satking Promax

When roof space is a premium then this is the best automatic satellite system for you, Compact size with big performance with GPS tracking  works well in most parts of Australia. 600mm wide using just 84 watts of power during a search. With an average search time of 120 seconds comes with a 3 year warranty. With a VAST decoder we can install this for $4390

Satking Promax Automated Satellite system

Sphere Automated Dish

An 85 cm fully automated dish that mounts on a flat roof. Simply power on and press search. this has metal gearing, a twin LNB, using only 0.1 amp in standby mode, has a low profile of only 202 mm in closed position. This has become our installers most popular automatic satellite system, for simplicity of use. The Sphere Satellite Dish installed with VAST for $3100.

Sphere Automatic Satellite Dish

Sphere Automatic Satellite Dish

Automated Sphere installation on a Motor Home Installed in Maroochydore

Automated Sphere installation on a Motor Home Installed in Maroochydore

Oyster Satellite System

An 85 cm fully automated dish mounted on the roof for multiple satellites or for Pay TV or VAST This has been regarded for many years as the premium of all Satellite systems. German made you can have this installed for $5550 with VAST, The Oyster

Oyster Digital Satellite Dish

Oyster Digital Satellite Dish

VAST information

There are 3 main brands of VAST decoders we predominantly recommend the Satking or Altec UEC for travelling as it is small, dissipates minimal amount of heat runs of 12v and can be placed in cupboard with an external remote sensor. Click here for the range available.

You may need a decoder rehit If you have not had services on your VAST Decoder for a period of time,setup your dish correctly so you can get channel 800 then click on the link Decoder ReHit .

If you are a traveler and you need to re register your VAST decoder as it has not been used for 6 months click here after you can get channel 800.

The above activations will only work if your dish is correctly aligned and you can get images on channel 800 of the decoder.